Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Plank yoga mat. Buyer's remorse

So I decided that if I buy this cool, overpriced yoga mat, i will be forced to use it and attend class more often. How I got into yoga is another story. By overpriced I mean for that nice photorealistic stuff I paid 5x what a yoga mat normally costs.

I finally get it and I unroll it. The mat was discolored except for about 9 inches on one end that had a nice deep contrast. If you spend almost $100 on a yoga mat it better be damn good. I called up the retailer (not the mfg) and they said that I should return it and that they will compare it to the replacement before they send replacement to ensure that it doesn't have the fading.

Generally I am disappointed in the mfg because I think this may be related to their packaging methods and materials. They should walk the plank.

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