Friday, August 24, 2007

on product positioning

How much would you pay for this piece of metal? The following is a picture of an award winning product: Scott Christensen's Toro Tissue Ring.
best of category, i.d. magazine student design review 2003

I am a sucker for good design.....or maybe im just a sucker.

ebay sucks

i am in this super-spring-cleaning mode where I am throwing stuff out, selling stuff off and donating (read dumping at the thrift store) stuff. I have accumulated so much stuff over the years of minimal value. Now I don't even pick up the trade show bags of crap. I just take the agenda out and give them the bag back. As part of the clean out I am using ebay and craigslist. CL is good.

ebay used to be good. now every single auction I do on ebay gets at least three Nigerian scammers. the message patterns are pretty consistent. if netflix can hold a contest for innovation in an area of non-deterministic problems, then ebay could easily solve their simple deterministic problem.

i think its time for a competitor to enter with a better service. ebay is not worth my time anymore. even the social capital I have built up there isnt worth staying for.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jihad Much?

How often do you see homeless people selling a M72 Light Anti-Tank Weapon on the street? Goes well with the Disney stuff.

Crackberry Prayer

Crackberry Prayer: position taken by those using a mobile device in a conference room. Typically haunched over a bit. Device may be just below table height to feign minimal respect for other meeting attendees. Glazed look. The overall position resembles a prayer position.

Since getting the HTC Touch I noticed that I am getting neck stiffness and pain from looking down at the device. I have started to hold the device up at head height. Now on to JuJitsu class to get neck-cranked.

HTC Touch - Review of Basic Features

Here is my review of the HTC Touch's basic features and functions. The software I am using to synch is Missing Sync. $40, some bugs, but good support.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Preview of upcomming content

In consulting there is this saying "tell them what you are going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you told them". I'm going to start off slow and light on this blog with my coverage of the HTC Touch. I got it a few days ago and have been learning how to use it and sync it with my MacBook.

I will be covering the user interface, input methods, then I will get into the adventure of synchronization. After that I will show you a few applications that came with it and others like Yahoo Go!

My posts may be interspersed with design addict content, random pavement stencils, and things of no significance in the greater scheme of life.


Ironically, while running a blog advertising network for two years, I never blogged outside of the company blog. Today that changes.