Wednesday, October 31, 2007

wanted to do project, but

OK, I decided to build my own denatured alcohol burning fireplace...but buying ($155 + shipping) is cheaper than building. At first I thought it would be cheaper because most are priced around $1,000+ for modern looking ones.

I was going to take a course in concrete casting $560 and plasma cutting $40. So for $600 I can learn something and be able to say I made my own. I still wanted to do it, but concrete class will be in the spring...when I don't need a burner.

Plank yoga mat. Buyer's remorse

So I decided that if I buy this cool, overpriced yoga mat, i will be forced to use it and attend class more often. How I got into yoga is another story. By overpriced I mean for that nice photorealistic stuff I paid 5x what a yoga mat normally costs.

I finally get it and I unroll it. The mat was discolored except for about 9 inches on one end that had a nice deep contrast. If you spend almost $100 on a yoga mat it better be damn good. I called up the retailer (not the mfg) and they said that I should return it and that they will compare it to the replacement before they send replacement to ensure that it doesn't have the fading.

Generally I am disappointed in the mfg because I think this may be related to their packaging methods and materials. They should walk the plank.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Design Idea: 101 uses for Fake Cameras

I came across this while looking at FlyingCart that got covered for its cross-selling feature between stores.

My ideas:
1) Coat hanger
2) strap a few together to make a chandelier, LEDs on the back
3) fridge magnetize this
4) hook for soap sponge rope
5) paper weight
6) doorknob
7) toilet scrubber handle
8) hood ornament (carbon fiber optional)
9) faucet handles
10) ....

Market Opportunity: PinkWater

So I came across this article in Details saying there are about 65,000 of gays/lesbian/etc in the military and that it is tolerated, but not supported. The GLBT are still getting kicked out, but in smaller number. The military could kill[pun] two birds (and a birdcage) if the glbt all went private contractor. Then along comes the Blackwater fiasco creating a void in suppl. Well why not take the 65,000 and create a private-contractor/mercenary corp called PinkWater? They could double up on the don't ask don't tell. PinkOps. They just have to hope the enemy doesn't have gaydar.

Clarification: I am not encouraging shady ops. I am not gay. I am not going to comment on the invasion/war/conflict because this is a post about market opportunity.

Monday, October 22, 2007


A friend of mine just joined AskJeeves...he asked me what I thought about Ask. I said I haven't visited it and haven't been given a reason to visit it. You can take that as a reflection of their PR or promotions group. I don't watch TV so I missed all the ads he spoke about. I've always liked the concept of AskJeeves. Natural language queries instead of assuming that the world can be inarticulate with just a few words and solved with popularity based solutions.

Back on the topic, he asked me what I think Ask should do. I started on the NL rant, but he redirected my nicely by asking "well what do you think of Ask using Google for search ads?". My initial reaction was 'why give money to your competitor?'. The natural answer was better monetization via query coverage (ie: size of advertisers base). Well then beat them at it because they don't have 100% query coverage AND their matching isn't all that great. Random ass idea: if queries are perishable then you might as well give away some query ads for free just to get advertisers in the door. That wouldn't be a loss because you weren't making bank on it anyways. Scared of loosing G-dollars? Then do A/B or just do backfill with free ads. They will obviously have to validate the advertisers (ie: credit card check) to avoid abuse and crappy targeting. They should reward based on relevance.

Of course the other camp would say, focus on what you are good at: user interface. Well is Ask UI so ass-kickingly good that they are taking search share?

For him it is just a place to ear a paycheck but not a place to stay.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

high end graffiti

high end graffiti
Originally uploaded by Pics By Hansel
this is some random street art i came across. it looks like a granite or marble tile. on it is a photo overlap of some sort. it was in this little corner. my imagination runs...maybe we could start an urban myth about some kid that gets stuck inside a tile after harassing the wrong homeless guy.