Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Market Opportunity: PinkWater

So I came across this article in Details saying there are about 65,000 of gays/lesbian/etc in the military and that it is tolerated, but not supported. The GLBT are still getting kicked out, but in smaller number. The military could kill[pun] two birds (and a birdcage) if the glbt all went private contractor. Then along comes the Blackwater fiasco creating a void in suppl. Well why not take the 65,000 and create a private-contractor/mercenary corp called PinkWater? They could double up on the don't ask don't tell. PinkOps. They just have to hope the enemy doesn't have gaydar.

Clarification: I am not encouraging shady ops. I am not gay. I am not going to comment on the invasion/war/conflict because this is a post about market opportunity.

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