Sunday, December 16, 2007

stroke or not?

So my regular doctor didnt have an oncall backup. Makes me want to look for a new doctor. It also happens that in the US there aren't any independent 3rd party services that you can call up if you have never been their patient before. In Canada there are numbers that you just call up and get an oncall, but I guess doctors here care more about money than helping...and those that care about helping are held back by law suits.

Anyhow, both my toes were numb...for a whole day. Heating and stretching didn't change them. After a call to the insurance company nurse I ended up going to the emergency room to make sure it wasn't some kind of stroke. The doctor diagnosed me very quickly. She had taken kickboxing before and recognized the symptoms.
"have you injured yourself in the legs?"
"no, this bruise is from kicking the bag, but i've done that a million times"
"how do you kick?"
*i show slow roundhouse*
" have you taken time off from training?"
" yeah, i was on a cruise and there was no bag to hit"
*doc whips out a nerve chart* "ok, look at this and follow the lines....tell me what you think happened"
"numbness in L4....goes up to the pelvis/hips"
"yup, common injury in martial arts if you have taken a break.....did you slip?"
"well I was on top of jujitsu mats for the first time and they shifted"
"ok, that strained your joint even have a pinched nerve. it isnt a stroke...where was the cruise?"
"ok, so on top of that you took a long flight which strained it more"

3 for 3. WOW!

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