Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wants, Needs, Good Design

I've been on a crusade to ebay/craigslist/donate everything I don't need. Bookshelf...emptied and craigslisted. Boxes or pack-rat-ness...gone. Old textbooks....gone. HP 48G that was part of a scholarship....ebay'd. Scanner from the days of 3.5"...donated. ThinkPad.....ebay'd. Corbusier.....couldn't make myself sell it.....I am weak....

Then on treehugger I see this:from Normal Design.

Then that links me to Fuji TV's New Design Paradise. Ironic, for the third time I started listening to my Pimsleu Japanese files. Alas, that is all for not. Because it seems Fuji doesn't have English directions pointing to online video. Yeah, thats taking a big assumption that they would put that online. I searched on YouTube, Google Video, etc... Please, someone help me spend money on crap I don't need.

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