Friday, August 24, 2007

ebay sucks

i am in this super-spring-cleaning mode where I am throwing stuff out, selling stuff off and donating (read dumping at the thrift store) stuff. I have accumulated so much stuff over the years of minimal value. Now I don't even pick up the trade show bags of crap. I just take the agenda out and give them the bag back. As part of the clean out I am using ebay and craigslist. CL is good.

ebay used to be good. now every single auction I do on ebay gets at least three Nigerian scammers. the message patterns are pretty consistent. if netflix can hold a contest for innovation in an area of non-deterministic problems, then ebay could easily solve their simple deterministic problem.

i think its time for a competitor to enter with a better service. ebay is not worth my time anymore. even the social capital I have built up there isnt worth staying for.

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